RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Caniacs lined up for hours outside of PNC Arena on Saturday.

They waited patiently, in a line that wrapped around the building, for their chance to get some Hurricanes gear at low, low prices

“We’re big Canes fans,” said Bryan Jones, who came to the Canes yard sale with his wife and daughter.

It’s a chance they get once a year: to stock up on merchandise for their favorite hockey team, at discounted prices.

“Canes jerseys, canes really anything with a Canes logo on it,” laughed Lewis Finch, who also went to the sale.

The hats, pajamas, jerseys, hockey sticks and more, were all to be sold to dedicated fans.

Aside from the great deals, this year, there was even more to celebrate.

“A wonderful commitment,” said Jones with a smile.

Not only have the Hurricanes renewed their lease until 2044, but PNC Arena is set to get a $300 million renovation, paid for by city and county funds from hospitality taxes.

“The Canes are such a great team, and such a great influence on our whole community,” said Nancy Jones. “Giving them a top-tier stadium is going to be perfect.”

And that’s not even all of it.

The owner of the team, Tom Dundon, says he will transform the area around the arena.

His goal is to create a sports and entertainment district that will include a large music venue, hotel, rental homes, stores and more.

“This area needs restaurants and more places to go,” said Jones.

“It just will make more money for the economy,” said Finch.

Raleigh City Council voted to approve the funds for the renovations, unanimously.

The Wake County Commissioners will vote later this month.