KNIGHTDALE, N.C. (WNCN) – Friday’s $660 million Mega Millions jackpot is the 3rd largest in the game’s history.

One after another millionaire hopefuls lined up at Eagles Express in Knightdale. It’s one of the top retail locations for lottery sales in the state, according to the NC Education Lottery.

Byron Lanier is hoping for a win, but it will take a lot of hope to beat the one in 302 million odds, odds he said are worth playing when the jackpot is this big.

“It’s a great time to pick up some tickets and wish for the best,” Lanier said.

King Thomas said when the jackpot is high it’s worth pressing his luck.

What would he do if he won?

“I’m gonna take care of me, you can believe that,” Thomas said. “Me, family, but yeah, yeah, definitely to give to charity (too).”

Over at Snack Shop in Cary, owner George Joseph proudly showed off signs hanging in the window from a $100,000 winner in May and a $50,000 winner in June.

He said a customer came in this week cashing in a $120 ticket.

“When I seen that I took a $10 ticket too,” Joseph said laughing. “Just in case.”

He said the big jackpot is leading to about three times as many tickets being sold per day, bringing in customers like Maria Gregory.

“I don’t play the lottery unless there’s something big like this,” she said.

What would she do if she won?

“I was gonna take $5 million and create a scholarship for dependents and soldiers at Fort Bragg,” she said.

The NC Education Lottery said North Carolina has had two jackpot winners since joining Mega Millions in 2010. The jackpot began rolling April 19th, and NC Education Lottery said from April 16-July 19 Mega Millions sales in the state raised approximately $10.5 million for education.