RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – The Triangle has become a tech hub.

Just in the last few months, Apple and Google announced plans to come to the area.

Now another tech company, SingleStore, has chosen Raleigh as its East Coast hub and innovation center.

Raleigh Mayor Mary-Ann Baldwin joined with SingleStore’s CEO Raj Verma to cut the ribbon on the new facility. The new innovation center will be known as the Launch Pad.

CBS 17 asked Verma why he chose Raleigh.

“Why not Raleigh is what I would say. It’s a source of great talent for us. The universities around here are world-class,” he explained.

Verma started the company back in 2013. It now has 250 employees worldwide and will add 50 staffers in Raleigh.

Raleigh Mayor Mary-Ann Baldwin and SingleStore CEO Raj Verma cut the ribbon on the tech company’s Raleigh hub.

SingleStore is focused on data — helping other companies store, access, and use theirs.

“Think back just five or 10 years ago. Technology that we take today for granted, we didn’t have,” said Chief Innovation Officer Oliver Schabenberger.

Schabenberger joined the company back in February. He had been the No. 2 at SAS.

“Why I came to SingleStore is the incredible technology and the smart people that we have here,” he said. “To look beyond what’s on the 12- or 18-month road map but the art of the possible. What we can do in the art of data, analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning.”

Getting tech companies like this to come to town has been something Baldwin has been working on for a decade. She helped found a group dedicated to doing just that: Innovate Raleigh.

“It’s going to put us on the map,” Baldwin said.

“Means they have confidence in not just the business climate here, taxation, cost of living all that, but also the people, the talent,” said Brooks Raiford, the North Carolina Technology Association President and CEO.

Company officials said salaries at SingleStore would be top tier, starting at $100,000 depending on the specific job.