RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — As Raleigh police continue investigating a sexual assault that happened near NC State’s campus, the university’s police department is reminding students of free resources available to better protect them on-campus.

Monday’s brazen sexual assault has sent shockwaves through the NC State community.

UPDATE: No charges sought as new details emerge in NC State-linked sex assault case, Raleigh police say

“There have been assaults on campus, like any other campus, but you don’t expect to see a kidnapping,” said Eleanor Lott, a student who’s also part of the university’s mental health taskforce.

Raleigh police said a woman was forced into a car on Hillsborough Street Monday afternoon, driven to another location and sexually assaulted. The incident is the third time already this semester that a sexual assault has been reported on or near campus.

“It’s not healthy for people to feel like they’re constantly having to watch their back, and that’s kinda what it’s causing. A lot of distrust has kind of erupted out of it,” Lott said.

On Tuesday, NC State University Police took to social media to remind students of resources they have available. Resources include real world safety training and pepper spray training.

UPDATE: No charges sought as new details emerge in NC State-linked sex assault case, Raleigh police say

Women can also participate in Rape Aggression Defense, a three day program to help students get out of a harmful circumstance.

“I think it’s great that State is providing this opportunity for students, and I hope that students will utilize it,” Lott said.

North Carolina Central University is also offering the program.

“We want to give our students, especially our female students, every resource that we can to ensure that, if they’re put in a situation where they need to defend themselves that they have the capability to do so,” Chief Damon Williams of the NCCU Police Department said.

Williams reminds students to remain vigilant at all times, regardless of where they go to school.

“Do not walk at night, looking at your iPhone, with your AirPods in your ears. Be aware of your surroundings, know where your exit points are, know where your blue light phones are,” Williams said.

Anyone with information about Monday’s sexual assault is asked to call Crimestoppers.