RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Students, staff and alumni celebrated the 90th anniversary of Swift Creek Elementary School on Saturday. 

The event was a chance for people to honor the original building before it’s torn down to make room for a modern school. 

“It’s hard to believe Swift Creek has been part of this community for 90 years,” said Principal Darrell Propst. 

Those young and old are celebrating a legacy in Wake County. 

The new generation met the old, as the community prepares to say goodbye to what started as a little brick schoolhouse. 

Built in 1932, Swift Creek Elementary is one of the oldest schools in the district. It’s known as a place that has educated generations of parents and their children. 

An undated photo of Swift Creek Elementary. (Photo by Paul Kelly)

“Both my parents went to Swift Creek, my grandparents went to Swift Creek, my husband, myself, my sister and my nephew all went here,” explained Michelle Davis, who went to school there in 1984.

Davis told CBS 17 her husband proposed on the fields of the building.

The parade and dances performed by students was a way to mark the momentous occasion– celebrating one last time on the grounds before it’s bulldozed next summer.

“I know it’s old, but I hate this. It holds so many memories,” said Bonnie Campbell, Davis’ mother.

Inside the original 1956 gymnasium, Campbell and others reminisced on their time at the school.

“I remember just being so happy. I can remember walking through this hall and walking on the stage, just like it was yesterday,” described Campbell, while holding a picture of herself in first grade at the school. 

Bonnie Campbell holding a picture of herself in first grade (Hayley Fixler/CBS 17)

The day was bittersweet: it’s the end of an era, but a bright beginning of a new future.

“It’s kind of sad it’s going to be replaced, but it’s much needed the area,” said Davis. “I remember this all being farmland. There’s so much development in this area, we need schools to support the kids.” 

The goal is to welcome Swift Creek students and staff into a new school in 2025.