RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – From gas to grocery prices, inflation has impacted just about everything — including the price of the drinks at William Warcup’s cocktail bar, the Ark Royal.

“I just have to raise prices when it comes down to produce, liquor orders, beer and wine,” Warcup said. “It’s just for the shipping, that’s how I see it.”

Produce, supplies are seeing the largest price jumps when it comes to liquor price increases (Brea Hollingsworth).

He said his biggest price increase has been on produce. At the last check, he said the price of limes more than tripled.  

“With these style cocktails, I have to use fresh produce so that was one thing I definitely didn’t want to budge on,” Warcup said. “I didn’t want to start lowering the quality of product and raise the price at the same time.” 

Warcup said his liquor costs have increased too.

“You’ll see on a few prices of liquor, like the bottle that I’m buying from the ABC store, the price will go up at least $4-$5 but over time, if it’s the majority of my inventory, next thing you know I have to start moving at least things a dollar or $2 up.”

Additionally, over at Young Hearts Distilling, co-owner Chris Powers told CBS 17 he hasn’t seen an increase in the price of liquor yet, but has in its supplies.

“We buy our bottles from a factory and the prices have gone up on the bottle, they’ve gone up on the corks and they’ve gone up on the labels.”

Furthermore, as the price of gas increases, so does shipping.

“We’re also starting to get hit with a lot more fuel surcharges and we’re at a point, or really starting to notice…the actual cost of shipping has gone way up.”

Young Hearts Distilling also said they haven’t had to increase prices just yet, but said if things keep going the way they are, they just might have to.