GARNER, N.C. (WNCN) — A Garner man is now facing 90 counts of felony animal cruelty.

On Monday, a judge kept a $90,000 bond for Ronald Kearney, given the nature of the accused crime and the district attorney’s statement that he is a habitual felon.

Wake County investigators said Kearney is accused of taking care of 90 animals that they found to be emaciated, injured, or both, at a Garner home.

At least two calves have been transported to the N.C. State Veterinarian School.

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Three animals had to be euthanized by officials due to their condition.

Another animal died while crews were investigating.

It’s the beginning of a long investigation.

Two brown cows were behind a fence on Trudy Lane on Monday. One down on the ground, with the other circling it and mooing. Later, three baby goats wandered into the street. It’s a sight and smell neighbors have been accustomed to for 10 months.

“When we first noticed the animals, it was it wasn’t that bad. It was when with the smell of death and things,” said one woman, who didn’t want to be named. “It’s disturbing on a big level.”

She said her neighbors have turned their home into a makeshift farm. Some animals often left the property and wandered over to theirs.

“Animal control has been out multiple times over this,” the woman added.

She said one man told her they kept adding more animals to the property because they loved animals.

On Sunday, the Wake County Sheriff’s Office and Animal Control discovered more than 200 animals, including sheep, cows, goats, a mini horse, donkey, and fowl on less than two and a half acres.

Kearney now faces 90 counts of animal cruelty.

Officials said he was a caretaker of the animals.

“Wake County Animal control on the scene did determine 90 animals were poorly treated or neglected. One of them did die when they were tending to them,” the District Attorney’s Office presented in Court on Monday.

“Please get me a lawyer,” said Kearney via video from jail. “I’m not going anywhere, sir. I don’t even really know what I’ve done wrong.”

One other man is charged with a misdemeanor in this case.

Neighbors told CBS 17 it’s not enough.

“I’m angry. I know other people that are angry that he is taking all of these charges because it should be divvied out to at least maybe about three or four other individuals as well,” one woman said.

CBS 17 crews went up to the house to speak with people who were outside but were asked to leave.

The 86 other animals found to be neglected were placed in rehabilitation facilities.

Officials have not said what will happen with the other animals still on the property.

Investigators said they still are waiting to speak with the property owner.

Kearney is set to be in court in October.