GARNER, N.C. (WNCN) — Garner town officials reached out to state wildlife authorities after a weekend social media post about an alligator triggered dozens of responses.

The recent unconfirmed sighting comes after the town took action and put up signs around Lake Benson following a 2015 alligator threat.

In September 2015, Garner officials posted warning signs around the lake about the unconfirmed alligator sightings. Back then, there were four reported sightings of an alligator.

Now, a person has posted on Nextdoor about a recent sighting. A Garner resident called CBS 17 Monday afternoon concerned about the news.

The social media post said that a man was walking along a trail near the dog park at Lake Benson Park and saw a gator moving from a nearby creek into Lake Benson.

The report of the gator was that it was at least 4 feet long.

Monday, Garner supervisor of parks reached out to the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission about the possible alligator.

Garner officials are looking for guidance about what — if anything — to do next, according to Garner town spokesman Rick Mercier.

The Nextdoor post from Sunday about the alligator had nearly 110 responses.

Back in 2015, town officials said Garner is out of the normal range for alligators but it was possible someone released a gator in the area. Officials also said then that other creatures — such as a turtle — could be mistaken for an alligator.