Garner woman accused of murder-for-hire plot heading to digital addiction facility

Wake County News

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – The woman accused of trying to kill her mom in an online love plot is out of jail after a court appearance Thursday.

A Wake County judge released Roxanne Reed to her son’s custody.

The 66-year-old must go directly to a digital addiction facility in Florida where she will have no internet access.

Garner authorities uncovered the murder-for-hire plot while investigating a catfish scheme. Reed was stealing money from her 88-year-old mother to give to an online love interest, according to prosecutors.

That man was a fake.

Reed’s unsecured bond is now set at $690,000.

The case heads back to court in January 2019.

The judge’s decision came after consulting with attorneys for both the prosecution and defense. He ordered that Reed have no access to the internet while out on bond. Once she finishes treatment in Florida, she’ll live with her eldest son and must continue not to access the internet.

CBS 17 talked about digital addiction with Hilarie Cash, who co-founded reSTART in 2009. Located in Washington, Cash said it’s the country’s first treatment center to specialize in gaming and internet use disorders.

“There’s a physiological process that’s going on inside the brain, and that physiological process is the basis of the addiction itself,” Cash said. “Part of the social consequences can be lying and engaging in antisocial behavior.”

At Cash’s facility, she said treatment typically lasts eight to 12 weeks, beginning with a detox period.

She said a key challenge in treating this kind of addiction is helping people to still be able to use technology in a way that’s not damaging to them.

“It’s very challenging because as soon as they sit down to their computers, they’re very likely, especially in early recovery, to feel the tug,” she said, adding that more than two-thirds of people who come to reSTART complete the program successfully.

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