CARY, N.C. (WNCN) – Robin Rodgers said his heart dropped when he looked outside his hotel room window Friday morning.

Rodgers, who traveled six hours north from Smyrna, Georgia, to showcase his pottery during Cary’s Lazy Daze Arts and Crafts Festival during the weekend, said $10,000 worth of pottery was stolen from him.

The artist said he packed several crates filled with about 60 different pieces of work in a U-Haul trailer as well as display supplies was stolen.

Once he arrived in Cary, Rodgers said he parked his car and the U-Haul trailer in the back of the Hilton Garden Inn Hotel near Columbus Avenue. The next morning he noticed his car was still parked in the same spot, but the trailer that was attached was not there.

Cary police arrived to the hotel and are investigating the incident.

Rodgers said he learned security cameras in the back of the hotel captured the moment when a white Ford F-150 pulled up around 6 a.m.

“This took a couple of people or more and I’d dare say that they had to use a jack to jack it up,” Rodgers said.

Rodgers said the trailer weighed around 3,000 pounds and removing the trailer couldn’t have been an easy task.

“We’re just crushed that the day before our show, everything that we’ve been working for has been taken away,” Rodgers said. “The loss of all those hours of labor and love are gone.”

The artist said he often travels with his wife to art festivals across the country. This week he and his wife wanted to celebrate their 37th anniversary, as well.

For the past 30 years, Rodgers said making and selling his art is a full-time job and how he makes a living.

“It’s a fun way to see the country and meet different people from parts of the country, and also for people in parts of the country to see the kind of artwork that you do,” he said.

Each piece of pottery is handcrafted and takes several hours to create, he also said.

Rodgers said he has been working on the pieces for months in preparation for the event.

“I do drawings on them with pencil, some of them have hours on each piece, they’re fired multiple times in kilns…there’s so much process that goes into it,” Rodgers said.

After the incident, Rodgers isn’t sure how he’ll fully recover.

He said he’ll have to back out of future events where he planned to sell his work and start over creating his work. He remains hopeful that the person(s) responsible will have a change of heart and return the pottery.

Additionally, Rodgers said the U-Haul trailer has a Pennsylvania license plate with the tag number XLW9988.

He said there will be no questions asked if the pottery is returned. If anyone has information, they’re asked to contact the Cary Police Department.