RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Tuesday is National Giving Day and one company is wasting no time in giving back to those in need.

Employees at Dominion Energy gave away more than 120 boxes of food and more than 140 toys to children.

This is all a part of their “Good Neighborhood Fund Project.” It’s a non-profit organization that’s fully funded and run by employees. For some families, this is exactly what they need to deal with inflation, staff members shared.

“The employees saw fit for this need to help feed, house, cloth, medical bills to those within the community,” Mazetta Wynn, a Dominion Energy GIS Specialist said. 

They also celebrated 40 years of service through the non-profit. Here in the Triangle, 125 families will receive food baskets full of meat, apples, potatoes, rice, and more. 

“This is the season of giving and it’s so important to give back to our community during times like these, especially when so many families are going through financial hardship,” Persida Montanez, the company’s media coordinator said. 

The cause even caught the attention of new volunteers like Victor Rivers. 

“It’s that feeling of just seeing people and giving people hope,” Rivers said. 

Wynn said it’s the continued impact they make that makes this event as special as it is. 

“We have assisted 12,100 families. When you take that and you put it in a dollar amount — it’s $4.4 million,” she said. 

Families received these generous gifts from employees as they left the warehouse Tuesday morning. 

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