APEX, N.C. (WNCN)– Apex leaders came together Thursday to welcome a new pharma business to the area, which focuses on pharma and biotech, and that will also bring new jobs.

Körber is a global technology company. Their pharma business in Apex, has a portfolio of machines, software, and materials that support the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

While they are headquartered in Germany, the new location in Apex will serve as their main U.S. headquarters.

The new facility is over 19,000 square feet and has an additional 6,000 square footage space for their warehouse space.

Mayor Jacques Gilbert said this company brings in a lot of opportunity to retain the youth.

“We’ve been looking for something like this to kinda kick start our economic opportunities here and I really love the opportunities we’ll provide for our town with regard to jobs,” Mayor Gilbert said. “We always like to retain our young people. That’s one of things we’ve talked about for quite a long time. I believe these opportunities will also compliment to that. The door is open and we want our young people to embrace this opportunity and move forward with it.”

The CEO of Körber’s software business, Jens Woehlbier, shared they are the leading supplier for the pharma and biotech industry that works with machines, software and materials. But that’s not their only reason for coming to the Triangle.

But that’s not their only reason for coming to the Triangle.

“Körber’s Pharma business is the leading supplier for the pharma and biotech industry because we support customers not only in the areas of production, packaging, and inspection but also in their implementation of software for the entire process. Here in this area we have our clients in the Triangle and we have the talent with all the universities and schools,” Woehlbier said.

The grand opening was a room full of staff and community leaders such as the fire and police chief. They were taking advantage of this opportunity to learn more about the global company focused on pharma and biotech.

“To see this beautiful building with a lot of space and light, where people can work in the future. And also I need to say after COVID, seeing all the people again. Celebrating having good talks together and also working with the community to grow it,” Woehlbier said.

Right now, the facility has close to 90 staff members and their goal is to expand that number in the years to come.

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