RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — A “truly bonded” dog and goat duo at the Wake County Animal Center have officially been adopted, the center announced Wednesday.

The search came to an end after the center spent the past couple of days looking for rescue groups to house Felix, a male dog, and Cinnamon, a female goat.

Baaaa-st friends stick together

Felix and Cinnamon (Friends of Wake County Animal Center)

They came to the shelter together on March 13 after their owner was hospitalized and unable to care for them. Officials said they previously lived at a home in Raleigh.

The center said Felix and Cinnamon are best friends who sleep together and are together 24/7 — except when they eat.

The Wake County Animal Center said they hoped to adopt them out together, but if they couldn’t, they would revisit adoption options if a rescue was not identified by Friday.

Good news for the bonded pair

Wednesday, their wishes came true.

“The inseparable goat and dog will soon be living out their years together in the grasses of a local Johnston County farm,” the center shared in a news release.

Felix and Cinnamon (Friends of Wake County Animal Center)

To make it happen, the release said they reached out to a long-time national rescue partner and a local foster they had previously worked with.

By the end of the week, the now viral, four-legged friends will arrive at their new forever home.

“I’m so excited they will be living their dream life in Johnston County with their new family,” said Shinica Thomas, chair of the Wake County Board of Commissioners. “The Wake County Animal Center has a fantastic rescue network and they focused on the best solution for this pair after getting custody of them. This was the best outcome we could hope for!”

Finding the forever home

Keeping Felix and Cinnamon together was a national effort.

It all started with Chris and Mariesa Hughes of the Mr. Mo Project, an organization in New York that works to save senior dogs.

When they heard Felix and Cinnamon’s story, they said they thought of a foster family in North Carolina that they had been working with for nearly 10 years that had lots of space for dogs.

Though Felix is only about one year old and is not considered a senior dog, the organization said the family also had a small herd of goats that would be ideal for Cinnamon, who’s likely between one and three years old.

The Wake County Animal Center said they worked with the family previously as well, and agreed it was the perfect match.

“We are so blessed to be able to foster Felix and Cinnamon!” said Jacqui Bankes, the new proud owner of the dynamic duo. “As their forever foster, we are excited to keep them together and also integrate them with our other goats and dogs, after appropriate testing and quarantine. Thank you to Wake County and Mr. Mo Project for making this possible for us!”

The Hugheses and their non-profit have agreed to pay for the duo’s health care for the rest of their lives, the center shared in a release.

It said Felix received all the necessary preventative care and has been neutered by the animal center veterinarians.

“We are so grateful for this support from our community and partners,” said Wake County Animal Center Director Dr. Jennifer Federico. “This was possible due to all the continuous efforts of our staff, volunteers and community. This unbelievable duo will live together and enjoy their friendship.”

Felix and Cinnamon (Friends of Wake County Animal Center)

More homes needed

“Just because Cinnamon and Felix have found their forever home doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty of other furry friends,” the Wake County Animal Center told CBS 17.

The center said anyone looking for a new companion to brighten up their days is welcome to visit the Center at 820 Beacon Lake Drive in Raleigh.



The shelter is open for adoptions daily from noon to 6 p.m., seven days a week.

As of Wednesday, the center said there were 75 dogs, 17 cats, two rabbits, five guinea pigs, and three rats available for adoption.

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