RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Gov. Roy Cooper and other city and state leaders, attended the groundbreaking for a new eight-acre retirement site on Wednesday.

Hayes Barton Place is a more than one year development still in the making.

The site will be the home for close to 400 seniors and will feature up-to-date, newly constructed luxury apartments and amenities for seniors looking to live in North Raleigh. Developers said the apartments have already drummed up more that 850 interested parties.

Gov. Cooper shared why this new development is needed.

“I see this place as a hub of activity. I can vision it now—active people who not are looking to only live their best life, but they are looking to do good,” he said.

(Hayes Barton Place)

Raleigh’s Mayor Mary Ann Baldwin was also a participant of Wednesday’s event.

North Carolina is home to more than 650 assisted living facilities, giving seniors attentive caregivers, health care, and access to local activities and social opportunities, according to SeniorLiving.org. The site also said, compared to all 50 states, North Carolina is ranked 24th in Long-Term Care and 32nd in the country’s health rankings.

“We now have about 1.8 million North Carolinians who are 65 and older. And we need as many of them as possible to continue to be productive,” Gov. Cooper said.

The president of Liberty Senior Living, Will Purvis, shared why Raleigh is the best place for this new development.

“I just really think it’s one of the best sites, probably in the southeast and certainly in the Carolinas for a community like this,” Purvis said.

Purvis said this is one of their many locations in the Triangle. They have a similar site in Cary.

Fran Smith and her husband are one of the many families moving into the community, once it’s completed.

“Our younger son lives in Raleigh, we presently live in Cary. And we wanted to be in a place for him and his family. They’re very active in the church down the street. So it was a very good fit for us,” Smith said.

Programs offered would be recreational, social, educational, and cultural activities that’ll be coordinated by staff.

The site is expected to open in 2024.