RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — With temperatures nearing 100 degrees in Raleigh on Monday and high temperatures forecast Tuesday, people need to find a way to stay cool.

“Today we went to Chavis Park, and then after that, we decided we were going to come here to kind of cool off, because it is hot out here,” Laury Holley said.

Holley is the director of Trinity Baptist Church summer camp this week, and with those high temps, she took the kids to the splash pad in Raleigh.

“They were hot at Chavis, so they were very excited to come here to get wet and get on the splash pad today,” Holley said.

While the heat means fun water games for some, it can be really uncomfortable, even dangerous, for people living without air conditioning.

Sylvia Wiggins at Helping Hand Mission gives out fans every summer to help people get through the heat.

“We’ve got so many people asking for them, we’ve got just a few fans, not many at all,” Wiggins said.

But with high temperatures continuing for the rest of the week, Wiggins says she’s worried about the lack of fans to give out this year.

“This is the worst year ever, I don’t know if it’s the economy or what’s going on, but we are at a low peak of fans,” she said.

Even though the heat will eventually pass, Wiggins says people are still in dire need this week, and they can use any help they can get.

“It’s an ongoing fight, and looking at the weather, it isn’t getting better,” she said.

Wiggins says she would love to team up with local businesses or organizations to have more fans donated. Anyone interested in working with her can call Helping Hand Mission.