RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – High gas prices aren’t just affecting people who go to work, who go shopping or even those who take trips for vacation. Any business that’s driven by gas is taking a hit. 

Terry Williams is the owner of a Raleigh landscaping business, Swurvacutz. He said since the pandemic, he has gained a lot of customers. The company has been up and running for the past five years. He said with the drastic increase in gas prices throughout the county, he’s had to increase the price for his services.

“Gas prices going up and that, of course, affects the business because our mowers and everything I have runs on gas. And if it’s not gas, it’s an oil mix,” Williams said.

He said the prices for seeding and fertilizing have also gone up, making the basic service they provide a little harder.

“I sent a letter out to pretty much all of our customers earlier this year, kinda letting them know, ‘Hey it’s been a great ride, but I’m going to have to adjust some of the prices because of where the economy is going.’”

The basic package for his service includes lawn cutting, weed killing, tree trimming, and more. It costs $50. Customer can now expect to pay $10 to $20 more in services, something he said they’ve been expecting to pay.

“I was shocked by their response. They told me it’s about time I raise my prices because the quality of the service.”