How safe are Raleigh’s greenways?

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RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – The nicer weather means more people will be out taking advantage of Raleigh’s greenways. The trail system is all around the City of Oaks.

CBS 17’s Amy Cutler had a scary experience late Wednesday while out for a run. She said someone grabbed her from behind. Fortunately, she was able to get the attention of a couple of people passing by and police were called.

Still, the incident made her wonder, how safe are the greenways?

Cutler asked people out enjoying the Wednesday evening weather if they had concerns.

“Yes, definitely. I would not have come today but it’s just such a beautiful day I knew that a lot of people would be out at this hour,” Jennifer Slusser said.

“I really haven’t felt unsafe. There are a couple of underpasses, though, where it’s kinda dark under there. So sometimes I’m a little bit leery,” Caroline Morba said.

None of the people CBS 17 spoke with had seen police patrolling the greenways.

CBS 17 reached out to the Raleigh Police Department hoping to find out if and when their officers patrol the greenway. They said the community police units do when staffing and calls for service allow.

“Just naturally when you’re by yourself, it’s a little bit concerning but only just because of that,” Matthew Stefanowicz said.

According to the city’s website, there is a Greenway Volunteer Program. It’s for the “safety, security, and protection of greenway users.” It’s a partnership between the police department and the city.

In response to my list of questions, a spokesperson for the police department wrote, “due to COVID, the RPD volunteer numbers have dwindled. As vaccines become more widely available, we hope to restart the program.”

“I would feel safer if every once in a while there was just some kind of security I would,” Slusser said.

Back in August, following the brutal beating and death of a bicyclist on a greenway in South Raleigh, CBS 17 requested the calls for service on the greenway system. Raleigh police said they didn’t track that specifically. It was done by the next closest intersection. RPD didn’t answer that part of Wednesday’s request.

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