RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — On Friday, the Raleigh Police Department released the body camera footage of the in-custody death of Darryl Williams.

Before the videos were released to the public, Williams’ family had the chance to watch them at Raleigh police headquarters Thursday.

Williams’ mother Sonya Williams said it was heartbreaking for her to watch the videos.

“My heart was just broken, I mean, to see the way that he was treated,” she said.

She called the use of the stun gun excessive.

The department’s preliminary report said officers decided to arrest Williams for possession of a controlled substance and when attempting to arrest him they said he was “combative and resistant.”

His mother thinks the situation could have been handled differently.

“It wasn’t like he killed anyone, ok alright, if drugs were involved, give him a ticket or something like that, but, as far as, all that (stun gun use) that was uncalled for,” Williams said.

While watching the videos was painful for family, it did provide some answers.

“I do have a clear picture now and I do have a little closure of how his final minutes in the world and stuff was that night,” Williams said.

Williams wants more than just closure.

“I’m seeking justice for my son. I think those officers should be terminated and prosecuted,” she said.

The six officers involved are on administrative leave.