RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Dash camera footage shared with CBS 17 shows a Raleigh garbage truck made a right turn at a red light that caused it to fall on its side at the intersection of New Hope Road and Skycrest Drive.

The incident occurred after noon on Wednesday.

The video was shared by the driver directly behind the truck at the time of the incident, Reggie Adams.

Full dash cam video

As he described the incident, Adams said he saw smoke coming from the back of the truck that he initially thought may have been exhaust, but in retrospect, said it could have been from the brakes.

“When they tried to make that turn, it looks like they were making it too fast which caused it to flip over, but I think it was because the driver probably didn’t realize the brakes were out until he was getting ready to make that turn,” said Adams.

The Raleigh Fire Department and Raleigh police were dispatched to the scene where a CBS 17 crew confirmed at least one passenger vehicle was involved, along with the garbage truck.

Adams’ initial reaction was to exit his vehicle and see how he could assist those involved in the wreck. He said the driver of the garbage truck and passengers “all seemed fine” and “they were walking.”

The passenger vehicle on the other hand, he said, was a Honda and had its windshield smashed out with two women inside.

He first helped the woman out of the passenger seat.

“The fire department ended up having to come and do the jaws of life to rip the car apart to get the woman in the driver’s seat out,” said Adams.

He further said the women in that car were “lucky because when the truck flipped over, it basically flipped over flush with the car.”

One person was transported with serious injuries from the scene, police said.

The roadway was reopened just before 5 p.m.