RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — After several school districts announced closures or early releases, CBS 17 looked at what goes into making those decisions. 

Wake County Schools has more than 159,000 students. They said they make a decision about possible closures only after consulting the National Weather Service, local weather forecasters, and area law enforcement. They also have staff drive the bus routes to check out the conditions firsthand. 

“The most important factor is travel safety,” Chip Sudderth, the Chief Communications Officer with Durham Public Schools said.

CBS 17 spoke with Sudderth shortly after the district announced schools there would be closed tomorrow. 

“Our bus drivers are trained for handling weather emergencies, unusual road conditions all of that… We also don’t want our buses out in inclement weather. If roads are treacherous, we don’t just want to depend on our driver’s training,” Sudderth said. 

“It’s all about that timing. Where will our students be at the time that particular system hits,” said John McCann, Public Relations Coordinator, Chatham County Schools.

They too decided to close Thursday. 

“Chatham County is a huge county. 707, 710 square miles.” “We’re looking at the whole entire scope of Chatham County to make our decisions. Again, all about safety,” McCann said.