RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Raleigh police are looking for someone who’s suspected of breaking into a downtown restaurant Wednesday night.

The co-owner of Vic’s Italian Restaurant, Michael Longo, said the same man was caught on security cameras breaking in three other times prior.

Longo said they also had another break-in this week that involved a new suspect, bringing the total to five over the span of just a few weeks.

“It’s definitely frustrating having to come here every morning, stay through the middle of the night, clean up everything, board everything up,” Longo said. “It’s definitely taken a toll on the business, my body.”

While police investigate, Longo said he has ordered more cameras, installing a gate out front and no longer keeps any cash in the register.

“I can’t get my head around it. We’re still trying to figure that out, but hopefully we can catch this guy,” Longo said.

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The family business has been in downtown for three decades and they’re not looking to move anywhere else.

“I can’t sleep at night,” Longo said. “I just want to make sure this place is safe so we can open up and support the families that work here, support us and give the community good food.”

In recent months, businesses across downtown have expressed increasing safety issues. The city has even hired private security for certain areas.