RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — North Carolina lawmakers are looking to make your next ride around town a little safer.

Lyft passed out nearly 500 AMP light systems to their drivers across the Triangle in an effort to light up the night and make things safer for everyone in a car.

Whether they’ve worked the streets for a day, or a year, drivers like Ron Davis and Devoria Hawthorne say working for a rideshare company has been lifechanging.

“I’ve enjoyed doing Lyft,” said Lyft driver Ron Davis. “It’s been fun.”

“I’ve enjoyed serving the community,” said Lyft driver Devoria Hawthorne.

As companies like Lyft and Uber continue to gain ground on traditional cab services safety has become an issue.

“We are required to do background check and have a photo, but Lyft passengers don’t always have a photo,” said Davis.

That’s why Lyft worked hand in hand with North Carolina lawmakers on the ‘Passenger Protection Act’ in an effort to eliminate the guesswork using lighted signage.

“It’s called beaconing,” said Davis. “Whatever color they put in on their smartphone will show on my amp. They will be able to identify me, and I’ll be able to identify them. It will help with safety. If I know I have the right passengers I can get in and get out.”

The lighted AMP system not only allows for easy access for riders, but provides drivers with a little peace of mind.

“I feel pretty safe because they’ve got a thing where they can follow you on the app,” said Lyft driver Chicago Rob. “I can share it with my family and they can see where I’m at at all times.”

As we continue to speed towards the 2020 deadline for drivers to comply, these Lyft drivers say they’ll do their part to light up the night.

“People want to feel safe because rideshare isn’t going anywhere,” said Davis.

“I’m so happy I got my first Lyft light,” said Hawthorne.

Lyft is providing the AMP system free of charge to their drivers.

Rideshare drivers have until July 1, 2020, to comply with the Passenger Protection Act.