We’re hearing from the company that an Apex man said sold him three defective mattresses since September of last year. 

That corporate reply came after the initial story was reported by CBS 17 a week and a half ago.

A company spokeswoman sent Consumer Investigator Steve Sbraccia an email about our story, and we felt it’s important to present that side of the story. 

The spokeswoman declined our offer to go on camera as part of the company’s response. 

The story aired Aug. 19, and prior to that, CBS 17 sent emails to the company on Aug. 9 and 15 hoping for a response. However, they were not answered.

In a subsequent email after the story aired, Mattress Warehouse Chief Marketing officer Tracy Jones said she searched her inbox and spam folder and could not find any record of the emails CBS 17 sent. 

She did say the company recently changed email servers but could find no explanation for why they weren’t received. 

The story involved three mattresses that were purchased by Brad Langer between September and December 2021. 

Langer told CBS 17 that at the time after complaining about three different brand mattresses sagging, the company sold Langer a frame for the third mattress that the store’s manager installed. 

He puts the frame together and there’s still a problem,” Langer said in his initial interview for the Aug. 19 story. 

In her email, Jones claims a crucial piece of information was left out — saying a third-party inspector determined the bed frame was “missing a center support leg.” 

She said, “This is what caused all three of his prior mattresses to sag.”  

Jones also said, “The store manager personally visited Mr. Langer’s home to install the frame with the proper center support and make sure that everything was perfect. Mr. Langer even texted the store manager a few days later, thanking him for the fix and saying it was the best night’s sleep he’d had.”  

In a follow-up interview, CBS 17 asked Langer if he indeed texted the store manager and said that. 

“I did,” he replied, and provided CBS 17 with a copy of the text message. 

His wife Sheri added, “For the night we were like OK, finally, but in truth the situation continued, and we still had problems.” 

Jones claims when “Langer contacted the store again a few months later with the same complaint, the store suggested another warranty claim just in case this time, the mattress actually was defective.” 

“Mr. Langer refused the offer and that was the last we heard from him,” she said. 

Langer disputes that saying in both previous and subsequent interviews that the company has not responded to his emails and phone calls at the corporate level. 

In the meantime, Mattress Warehouse said, “we believe that we have gone above and beyond to resolve the issue to the best of our ability.” 

Jones said the only option is a warranty claim. 

“What’s frustrating is, the more they delayed getting back to us, the more time expired,” Langer said. “We’ll have a difficult time with whatever the manufacturer’s warranty will be.” 

Meanwhile, the couple also filed a complaint with the North Carolina attorney general’s office that is awaiting a response from Mattress Warehouse.