RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — The city of Raleigh is implementing new rules and upping its security measures at three buildings.

Starting Monday, visitors will no longer need to sign-in at the Raleigh Municipal Building at 222. W. Hargett Street. Instead, sign-in sheets will be replaced with a metal detector to enhance security the building.

At a later date, metal detectors will also be installed in the Martin Street Building at 310 W. Martin Street and One Exchange Plaza.

“It was always surprising to me since I’ve been on city council that our city buildings, particularly the Raleigh Municipal building where we hold a lot of our meetings and where a lot of members of the public come down there to do city businesses that there was no security there,” said Raleigh council member Jonathan Melton.

Under the new rules, all bags will be checked and any kind of weapon is prohibited. That Includes pocketknives with a blade of less than 4 inches, which were previously allowed.

“I think it’s good because it will protect people and be able to ensure that there are no weapons or anything that could harm other people,” said Elli Young.

The new security changes aren’t the only update included in the city’s building rules.

From now on, signs can no longer exceed 18×18 inches.

Council member David Cox says he favors the new security measures but questions the signage change. 

“Look at my iPad and you’re really gonna be limited to a sign that’s roughly that size. By the time you put a message on there, it won’t even be readable,” said Cox.

The city says the new security changes are not a result of the recent mass shootings. They say it’s simply to enhance the security for employees and visitors.