RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — It wasn’t the ideal start of vacation for Candice Hood and her three kids.

“I was just here to get some time away and take the kids up here to Raleigh. We were going to visit the museums,” she said.

They are from Roanoke Rapids. Hood and her children took the train from Rocky Mount to Raleigh Thursday. 

Photo courtesy of Candice Hood

Moments after getting into their cab to settle in for the night they hit troubled waters.

“We went down into this bridge right here. The whole car just cut off and sunk in a lot of water,” Hood explained.

Ali Abnowf with Aazah Taxi service was behind the wheel.

“I didn’t see the water because of heavy rain, and I wouldn’t have expected floods like that you know,” he said.

Hood said it didn’t take long for the water to start coming in.

“I could feel it at my feet. It was starting to go up so we were trying to see if we could at least get out. When we noticed the water kept filling up [and] filling up my kids were like ‘mommy we got to go,’” she stated.

Hood said she called 911. She then pushed the car door open and found herself in water that nearly came up to her waist. 

However, she said everyone, including Abnowf, were able to walk through the water to safety.

Within minutes, the water receded and Raleigh police arrived.

“[I’m feeling] very shaky because I’ve had bad luck with vacations,” said Hood.

She said they still plan to enjoy their vacation. Hood also said her laptop did get damaged from the water.

As for the car, it had to be towed.