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Mom holds fundraiser for idea championed by slain Raleigh son

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) - "Everybody loved him, everybody loved him," Simone Butler-Thomas says about her late son Kouren.

"He was sweet, he was caring he was the safest one out of all his friends -- he was the one who wouldn't drive unless everybody was buckled in," she added. "When he first got his drivers license he even went back to have it changed so he could be an organ donor."

And his family did donate Kouren's organs after he was killed two years ago.

Raleigh homeowner Chad Copley is serving a life sentence for shooting the unarmed young man from his garage as Kouren and his friends were leaving a party nearby.

Kouren's mother doesn't dwell on his death now, instead, she's focused on bringing his dream to life

"He always felt there was no place for a single dad to go that had kids -- as far as a shelter or any type of housing for homeless men with children," Butler-Thomas said at a fundraiser for the concept.

This fundraiser Saturday supported "Koury's Korner" with the goal of creating transitional housing for single dads.

"We're not just offering a place to live we want to give them school training and nutrition classes health classes," said Myrikal Hockaday with Executive Decision Motorcycle Club in Raleigh.

"I think it's a good thing for single fathers to know there is somewhere they can turn to get the help, the guidance they need," she said.

People from the community donated their time and talents to support Kouren's cause.

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