More come forward with complaints about Raleigh used car dealership

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RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — More people have come forward with complaints about a Raleigh used car dealership.

They said they paid for a car and never received the tags or title. Issues were raised in a story CBS 17 first told you about Friday. 

“He has been giving me the run around almost two years now,” Anthony Wallace said.

Wallace said he went to Frank Masika at Auto Connect with cash, looking to get a new car. 

“When he gave me the Lexus I asked for the title. The title never came. He kept giving me stories, after stories, after stories,” Wallace said. 

Instead, Wallace told CBS 17 that Masika kept giving him 30-day tags. Wallace said he was pulled over by police and was told he could no longer drive the car with those temporary tags. 

And he’s not alone. 

“He told me he didn’t have the tags because of COVID-19,” Treasure Windham said.

“This tag shows it was issued on 4/20/20. Its already 7/28/20,” Louis Perez said.

Perez said he saw the questionable practices firsthand when he worked for Masika for about a month from April to May. 

“It was a bad experience. Everyday probably from five to 10 people coming in the dealership looking for him, asking where he was at. He was promising cars from months back,” Perez said.

CBS 17 reached out to the DMV, they said Masika is a salesman, not the owner of Auto Connect. The DMV also said the dealership’s license was revoked in May. 

Masika’s lawyer released a statement to CBS 17 about the recent issues.

“Small used car dealerships have long been targets for muckraking. I would not be surprised, either, if a significant volume of stories over the years have targeted Black–owned businesses like The Auto Connect. The Auto Connect has sold good quality used cars at fair prices to many, many people who had poor credit, who could not afford a down payment at a manufacturer’s dealership or one of the big name used car sellers, and who otherwise could not obtain a suitable car to drive. It takes a lot of skill and dedication to serve that segment of the community, and keep a business afloat. Mr. Masika is distressed to hear that some customers are dissatisfied. He is committed to correcting any issues that are the company’s responsibility, whether under agreements with customers or applicable laws or regulations. He will not be bullied by people who are keen to complain to a reporter, or law enforcement, or anyone else who will listen, but whose claims lack support in law or fact,” Masika’s attorney, Matthew Gambale said.

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