MORRISVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) — On Friday, the town of Morrisville recognized the brave men and women who currently serve or served in the U.S. Army, Navy or Air Force during their Veterans Day celebration.

It’s something Mayor TJ Cawley said they take great pride in because of veterans and the way country is today.

“There are so many people who have sacrificed so much and their families have supported them through so many challenges and it has made America and Morrisville what it is,” Mayor TJ Cawley said.

Brigadier Retired General Johnny Clinton said he appreciates moments like these but only wishes all veterans received them.

“I’m honored that Morrisville has taken the time to recognize each and every one of the veterans. Because not everybody does it. Not every city or state really recognizes them the way we should be recognized,” Clinton said.

Mayor Cawley said he and other state officials are working to bridge the gap between veterans and quality health care and services.

“I was with Congressmen Price and Congresswoman Ross yesterday at the congressional veterans breakfast yesterday. And we’re going to try to connect into the veteran community a little bit stronger, and try to serve our veterans now cause they’ve served us for so long,” Mayor Cawley told CBS 17.

The mayor also shared he and other leaders are looking to build a veteran monument at Indian Creek Trailhead.

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