MORRISVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) – The Morrisville man who went missing after crashing his SUV last month – before turning up safe – said he still has no idea what happened during the two weeks no one heard from him.

Speaking to CBS 17 at his condo Tuesday, Dale Wheeler said he’s relieved to be home and appreciates all the community members who searched for him last month.

State troopers found Wheeler’s SUV on Nov. 13 on Church Street in Morrisville, where the road crosses under Interstate 540. The SUV had crashed into a trailer. Investigators found a small amount of blood inside.

But there was no sign of Wheeler – not then, and not for more than two weeks.

CBS 17 was there as the community held searches for Wheeler, and friends shared concerns he had died.

Then, on Nov. 28, Morrisville police said they found Wheeler at his home after he sent an email to relatives indicating he was home.

Detectives told CBS 17 that day that Wheeler appeared disoriented and believed he had been in the woods for just three days.

Speaking off-camera to CBS 17’s Sean Cudahy Tuesday – not wanting an on-camera interview – Wheeler said he does remember returning home after crashing last month.

He said he remembers waiting at home for someone to come help him before realizing he did not have his phone. So, Wheeler said, he remembers packing a “survival kit” and attempting to retrace his steps back to the crash scene in hopes of locating his phone.

But, Wheeler said, he has no memory of what happened from there.

Morrisville police told CBS 17 Tuesday they are still trying to figure out exactly what happened to Wheeler, too.

“I’m just as confused now as I was when this first came about,” Sgt. Jason Miller said, adding that detectives are looking at Wheeler’s bank records to see if they provide any clues.

As for Wheeler, he described some injuries he is recovering from. He also mentioned his fear in watching videos of the community searches, knowing he was out there.