MORRISVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) – As funerals continue for the 19 children and two teachers killed in Uvalde, Texas, a group of Morrisville, North Carolina, mothers and activists are mourning with those who’ve lost loved ones to gun violence.

Wednesday night, the group held a vigil for the victims at Robb Elementary in Texas and those killed in Tops grocery store in Buffalo, New York last month.

“We just want people in our community to come out and stand with the community in Uvalde and stand with the community in Buffalo,” mother and vigil organizer Sarah Sydney said. “To come together in grief, morning and outrage, quite frankly.”

For those at the vigil, although the violence was physically far away, they say the threat feels ever closer to home with every breaking news story.

“I started to see the ages of the victims and that’s my oldest son, he’s in third grade and he’s 9-years old,” Sydney said.

Another mother and vigil organizer also spoke up and said a statement a lot of people fear.

“It could have been here in Morrisville,” Natasha Williams said.

She continued, “Not only was I heartbroken, and I still am, but I want people to understand that we cannot normalize this.”

The group in Morrisville, although small, joins a growing chorus countrywide as communities protest gun violence.

“We need our politicians to act. We need change. We can’t just go on like it won’t happen again. Because it will if we don’t,” Williams said.

Recent shootings have gained the attention of lawmakers both in the nation’s capital and in North Carolina.

Furthermore, Gov. Roy Cooper called for state leaders to help pass stronger gun control laws days after the Uvalde Shooting.