MORRISVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) — The Morrisville Police Chief joined protesters as they held a Black Lives Matter march on Saturday.

“This is really a call to action and so we’re proud to be part of that,” said Morrisville Police Chief Patrice Andrews.

For Andrews, the move is to show that some of her views mirror those of the community she protects.

“It’s important that our message is one message; that we will not tolerate and permit injustice and police brutality,” she said.

Unlike some of the other protests across the Triangle, the one in Morrisville isn’t calling for an end to the police department, but more transparency.

“I’ll say, abolishing police departments, it’s not effective. We need police,” said James Sawyer, who organized Saturday’s Black Lives Matter protest in Morrisville. “And so what I look for out of this march, is opening up a dialogue between the citizens that are being policed and the police that are doing it and hopefully create some transparency in their policies.”

Andrews said she’s recently made changes to her department’s use-of-force policies, banning officers from using chokeholds and now requiring them to follow a “duty to intervene” and a “duty to report.”

“These officers work so closely together that surely they’ve seen something that they should have reported,” she explained. “Some sort of red flag with their team member. So that’s where we have now bound them to doing that.”

Andrews said that her department is set up to accept change.

“I’m fortunate to have an agency of officers where we want to see change. We want to see change for the better of the profession because we are all called to do this and we want our community to obviously feel good about who’s in those cars,” she said.