RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Inflation continues to fall from recent highs, but are shoppers noticing a difference?

Inflation numbers released this week in the December Consumer Price Index show the cost of food hasn’t changed much since last month, but compared to a year ago it’s up about 10 percent.

Several shoppers CBS 17 spoke to at the State Farmers Market said they prefer the prices there over prices at the grocery store.

David Robinson has changed his eating habits due to food prices.

“I think everything is pretty much going up, you know,” Robinson said. “Meat, I don’t buy meat anymore — I come and get vegetables and eat the vegetables, meat is out of control, even the fish is out of control.”

Inflation fell for the sixth straight month. But Helen Wise with Wise Farms said her farming costs aren’t falling with it.

“From how we look at it I think it’s going up,” Wise said. “I hear about it going down, but I haven’t seen it.”

Wise said the price of fertilizer and even the plastic bags she packs produce in are having an impact.

“They go up every time we get ’em, so we have to go up, so we can stay in business, I mean that’s just the way business is you know,” Wise said.

Eggs saw a 60 percent year-to-year increase in the consumer price index, largely due to the Avia Flu outbreak.

Tepuy Donuts Owner Alejandro Contreras said eggs are essential to his business. He said he buys at least 15 dozen eggs a week.

Three weeks ago he purchased 18 eggs for around $5 wholesale, now it’s $7 or $8, he said.

“It affects me because I can not, I’m paying more but I’m not earning more money,” Contreras said.

He said he can’t raise the price of his donuts.

Even if shoppers feel the impact of high food costs, making adjustments can be tough.

“Everything’s always going up on prices, it’s just the price to live, right, you gotta eat,” said Jeff Balcum.