RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — North Carolina reached a grim COVID-19 milestone days before Thanksgiving.

More than 4,500 new cases of the disease were reported in North Carolina Sunday — a new single-day record. 

More COVID-19 testing sites have been established around the Triangle to meet the increasing demand before the holidays. 

But one had to close after it was swamped with demand Saturday. The COVID-19 testing site at Wake Toxicology Lab in Cary closed early because they ran out of supplies.

Gov. Roy Cooper has a news conference planned for 2 p.m. Monday where he could announce additional restrictrictions.

“We don’t see the surge going down anytime soon. I think it’s going to go through December based on models. However, part of that is us just being prepared to address and accommodate the needs of the citizens,” said Eugene Chalwe, Wake County COVID-19 operations manager.

The rising numbers are concerning for some.

“I’m concerned about it with the holidays coming up and people getting together especially indoors. It is concerning. I’m a little scared to find out what the numbers are going to be in the next month or two,” said Mark Jones, a Raleigh resident.

However others are optimistic things will get back under control soon. 

“The numbers are going to go up no matter what you do, because it’s like the flu right now. I don’t worry about it because I feel like if everybody is being cautious like they’re supposed to then there won’t be a problem,” said Shelly Gott, also of Raleigh.

The state is asking people to download a new app called SlowCovidNC before the holidays. It notifies you if you’ve recently been exposed to COVID-19. 

Health experts hope the app combined with more testing, masks, sanitizing and social distancing will help bring the numbers back down. 

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