NC State students report uptick in thefts, other crime on campus

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RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — An parent of a North Carolina State University student reached out to CBS 17 about a spike in crime on-campus.

That mom said her son’s car had been broken into. It happened the same night his roommate’s car was also broken into, the roommate’s bike stolen.

“I’m a little frustrated,” Caleb Conner said.

Conner is the roommate. He said he can’t believe he lost his bike and had his car ransacked in such a short span of time.

“I was a little concerned, a little confused, a little upset,” he explained.

The N.C. State sophomore said someone took a bolt cutter to the lock on his bike.

“They made a mess. They went through the glove compartment and everything. I know it’s this one cause the door lock’s broke,” Conner said.

The thief didn’t steal anything, but Conner did find a couple of video games. In a bizarre twist, he said those games came from his roommate’s car, which was parked just a few spots down.

Both reported the break-ins to N.C. State Police. They issued a crime warning, which went out to the university.

N.C. State Police told CBS 17 they’ve heard from multiple students. The incidents focused in and around the Wolf Village parking lot near Gorman Street.

“It just makes me wonder if I should really be parking around here, if my car is going to be safe,” N.C. State senior Joseph McConnell said.

“Its happens almost every night to somebody,” sophomore Alexis Patterson added.

N.C. State Police now urging drivers to close and lock doors and windows and take their keys and valuables with them.

As for bike owners, they recommend using a solid core U-bolt lock. They also said to have the bicycle make, model, type, color, and serial number handy, along with registering your bike on campus.

Conner knows what he’d like to say to those behind it.

“Do something else with your life instead of stealing stuff,” he said. “It frustrates a lot of people.”

N.C. State Police said they’ve stepped up patrols in the area. They’ve also made several arrests, all of whom were juveniles.

CBS 17 requested the crime statistics from this year and last, hoping to compare the two, but hasn’t yet heard back.

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