RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — NC State University students won’t have classes next Tuesday as the university has its “scheduled wellness day for this semester,” according to a message from Chancellor Randy Woodson.

Faculty members are also encouraged to not impose any deadlines that day or any deadlines or tests the following day.

“This wellness day is an opportunity to take a moment to evaluate how you’re doing in the midst of a busy semester,” Woodson said in his message. “Check in with yourself, check in with your friends and colleagues and, if you need support, take advantage of the many resources available to you as a member of the Pack.”

This year, NC State welcomed its largest class of incoming freshmen, and prior to the start of the school year they increased mental health, peer support and counseling resources available on campus.

While the deadly shooting at UNC-Chapel Hill has captured national attention, NC State hasn’t been without its own safety issues.

The wellness comes less than two weeks after a student was found dead outside the Sullivan Residence Hall.

Two sexual assaults were reported to NC State University Police within 24 hours of each other in late August — the first at Owen Hall and the second at Lee Hall.

And the day after classes began for the fall semester, a man exposed himself to a student at DH Hill Library on campus.