RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Sweepstakes parlors are among the businesses North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper has ordered to close later this week to help slow the spread of the coronavirus.  

The parlors are places people go hoping to win cash, but time is about to run out for North Carolina sweepstakes parlors — at least for a little while.

Also called skilled game rooms or internet cafes, sweepstakes parlors are among the businesses the governor says must close by Wednesday.  

CBS 17 found several parlors in Raleigh already closed. Others say they’ve been taking more precautions.

Daniel Storie owns or consults for hundreds of game rooms across the state, including H & L Business Center in Raleigh. He says he’s tried to create distance between customers.

“Every unit that’s on, the two units next to it will be off, so what we’ve done is we’ve created a limited amount of units that are accessible,” he explained.

With more people heeding advice to stay home, he says he’s seen a big drop in business, and he was prepared for the governor’s decision.

“I do think he’s doing the right thing,” said Storie.

“In this industry, there’s approximately 6,000 locations in North Carolina and we employ over 25,000 people, and we definitely want to do what’s best for our client base and what’s best for our employees,” he added.