RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — The K-9 unit of the Wake County Sheriff’s Office has been given a heartfelt donation.

A check for nearly $7,500 was given to the unit Friday by the non-profit group Operation Fly Our Flag.

The group was founded by a former deputy and honors those who serve their country and community.

Wake County K-9 deputy Sasha and her handler were at the ceremony — Sasha was originally assigned to Deputy Ned Byrd who was killed in the line of duty in late August 2022.

K-9 Sasha was not injured in the shooting, which happened before Byrd was able to make a radio call.

The founder of Operation Fly Our Flag says the donation came from the heart.

“The donation is a product of the memorial ride we did for Deputy Byrd shortly after his passing — this was all the donations that came in from all the participants,” said Nathan Sheppard of Operation Fly Our Flag.

The organization also presented K-9 Sasha and her current handler with a U.S. flag to honor their service to the community. The group Friday donated $7,441.

Earlier this month, the NamKnights of America Motorcycle Club’s Tarheel Chapter, donated a $500 to the Wake County Sheriff’s Office to honor Byrd — to specifically use it for the K-9 unit, the sheriff’s office said.