RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — A deadly assault on a Raleigh greenway has neighbors shocked and police searching for answers.

Raleigh police say they responded to a man badly hurt along the Walnut Creek Trail around noon on Thursday.

“It’s terrifying that happened right here so close on a trail that’s frequented by families,” said neighbor Falon Foreman who often goes to the trail with her daughters.

Raleigh police said someone attacked a man riding his Kona Trail Bike. He later died at the hospital. On Friday morning, police identified him as Chauncey Weinkoop Depew Jr., 57.

Police investigated on the scene near the Red Roof Plus off South Saunders Street for more than eight hours.

“We will no longer be taking that trail. We’re definitely going to stick to the neighborhood and if we do take the trail, we’ll take the one on the other side of the neighborhood,” said Foreman.

Neighbor Bliss Robinson also likes to walk down there.

“It gets really busy, especially since COVID happened; People have been out and about just trying to be more active,” said Robinson. “Once the sun starts to go down, I try to avoid it while I’m by myself at least,” said Robinson.

Robinson said she typically feels safe and hopes this is an isolated incident.

“That’s crazy,” she said. “I can’t even imagine because that’s the greenway and you know there’s a park across the street and everything seems really safe in this area.”

There is no word yet on any suspects.