BENSON, N.C. (WNCN) — A pair of 911 calls detail the moments after a 5-year-old Cary girl went missing, triggering an Amber Alert and resulting in an abduction charge against her mother.

The North Carolina Highway Patrol released the recording of one call made by a driver who spotted the silver Lexus on Interstate 40 on Thursday morning. Another call released by the Raleigh Police Department originated from UNC Rex Hospital, where the girl’s mother was accused of stealing a vehicle.

CBS 17 previously reported the girl was found in Benson around 6 a.m. Thursday morning.

The Amber Alert was originally issued Wednesday at 8:38 p.m.

In the 43-second call made to Raleigh Police, the unidentified caller from the patient tower at the hospital asked for officers because “we done had a patient steal a vehicle, security vehicle.

“She is on the highway and she is driving mad and crazy,” the caller said.

911 call placed to RPD from UNC Rex Hospital

The call to troopers was made by a driver who saw the vehicle traveling on I-40 eastbound near Benson.

911 audio depicting the active AMBER alert

Angelica Coffey spotted the vehicle early Thursday morning while driving down I-40.
“It was driving about 60 mile per hour in the left lane in the fast lane and my thought was imma go ahead and pass this car but as soon as I got closer I saw the license plate and I slowed down to match the pace of that car,” said Coffey.

She told CBS 17 she had a feeling of what needed to be done. She stayed with the vehicle until highway patrol was able to show up.

“I was determined to get this little girl home safe,” said Coffey.

The audio begins with Coffey describing where she was driving.

“I am passing Exit 306 near the Amazon warehouse,” the caller states. She also proceeds to tell the operator the license plate number of the silver Lexus.

The operator asks for confirmation of the license plate number.

“Did you for sure see the license plate number? Can you read it back to me?”

The silver Lexus starts to slow down, and the caller tells the operator, “they are starting to drive real slow.”

The operator then asks the caller if she can see how many people are in the vehicle.

“Are you able to see how many people are occupied in that car?”

Later, officials said Crystal Beatrice Walston and her daughter Amani Jada Bruce were both in the vehicle.

The operator asked the caller to stay behind the vehicle until a trooper is able to stay on scene.

“I know you said that you have to get off at the 319 exit, but if I’m unable to get a trooper that’s behind that vehicle, is there any way you might be able to stay behind the vehicle until we can get a trooper behind them?”

After a chase, troopers were able to “position their vehicles around the suspect vehicle and safely slow the suspect vehicle to a stop,” according to officials.

Walston was charged with one count of abduction of children and could face other charges. She has a court appearance Friday at the Wake County courthouse.