RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Restaurants are getting creative to lighten the load on serving staff, including moving to a mobile dining room in which customers send their orders straight to the kitchen.

Brookside Bodega in Raleigh has been open for just one week and they’re changing up how they serve guests.

“We were in a real traditional restaurant setting forever and now we were like, this is our opportunity to do things different,” Co-owner Jacob Paramo said.

People can come in, sit down like usual, but can now scan a QR code, send their order straight to the kitchen and pay, all on their phone.  

Paramo said another motivation to try out the new model is to lighten the load on smaller staffs as shortages continue to bear down on the industry, as well as cut down on wait times.

“A big reason was because of the labor shortage in the industry,” Paramo said. “The veterans that have been there, they’re either really entrenched in the place they work, they made it through COVID…or they left the industry altogether.”

Paramo said straying from the traditional sit-down model isn’t without its challenges. But they’re learning from other local restaurants that made the switch, and most importantly, their customers.

“We really appreciate the guests (that) have given us a lot of feedback and it’s great,” Paramo said. “Especially here, we have the ability to make quick changes to the system.”