RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Construction at the new Raleigh Iron Works is scheduled for completed before the end of the year. Meanwhile, business owners across the street are excited for what this development means. Crews are prepping the site on Atlantic Avenue just south of Crabtree Creek Trail.

“A lot of people don’t want to go downtown, downtown but they don’t want North Hills either so this somewhere in between and it fits that perfectly,” said Matt Davis, owner of Mister Pompadour Barber Lounge across the street at Dock 1053.

“This side of town has kind of been a dead space in downtown,” he said.

However, he said there is no shortage of business for them or neighboring businesses.

  • Raleigh Iron Works pedestrian promenade
  • Raleigh Iron Works Courtyard
  • Raleigh Iron Works Double Gable building rendering
  • Aerial view of Raleigh Iron Works rendering

“If you come here on a Thursday, Friday, or Saturday, the parking is absolutely slammed so it just shows there’s a lot of growth already in this area and a lot of demand,” Davis said.

Raleigh Iron Works will add to that foot traffic with its three main buildings. They will be filled with shops, and restaurants on the lower levels. Offices are planned on the upper level. A 638-space parking deck is also going up along Atlantic Avenue.

“It’ll be a destination, not only our place but this whole area,” said Mike Buttafuso, general manager at Lynnwood Brewing Concern and Wilson’s Eatery at Dock 1053.

“We’re excited that its growing up around us because I think we have a great location. We have great clientele that comes in. We’re excited to welcome new people in,” Buttafuso said.

He’s also looking forward to a potential pedestrian bridge. It is currently under design to connect the two sites. It has not been approved by the city yet.

“We can only get so big,” said Buttafuso. “We’re gonna be busier.”

But there’s no sign things will slow down anytime soon.