CARY, N.C. (WNCN) – Many across the world are celebrating Diwali.

The religious festival is also known as the Hindu Festival of Lights.

Monday, North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper unveiled a new 87-foot tower at the Sri Venkateswara Temple of North Carolina. The tower is named the “Tower of Unity and Prosperity.”

Organizers said it’s the tallest of its kind in North America.

“This symbolizes the feet of the Lord. So when devotees come they bow at the feet of the Lord before they come into the raja gopuram and when they proceed into the temple they leave all their worries behind,” Dr. Raj Thotakura said, the Chairman of Sri Venkateswara.

The new tower comes just in time for the area’s booming population.

“Our triangle area is exponentially growing with the Indian community,” Dr. Thotakura said. “In the last census in 2021 we heard that there are more than 60,000 Indians that live in this Triangle area and having this temple to serve the community — we are very excited to have this here.”

The Triangle’s economy is not only booming nationally, but internationally.

“There has been explosive growth over the last five years. 47 percent of the town of Morrisville is from the nation of India,” Morrisville Council Member Steve Rao said.

The South Asian community, that includes India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and more, is just one community that’s growing. Rao points to the area’s strong and booming workforce.

“Many people from India are strong in science, engineering, technology and math, so you have many that have done very well in the medical profession,” Rao said. “Of course, even if you look at Morrisville we’re home to 10 percent of the public companies, but any of them are in the technology industry — Cisco, Lenovo, SAS.”

That’s why he’s pushing for more direct flights from Raleigh-Durham International Airport to India, too.

“India today, in addition to being the world’s largest democracy, is the 5th Largest economy in the world, and we’ve had a lot of investment from India over the last couple of years,” Rao said. “I think you’re going to see more of these multinationals invest, but having that direct connection makes it easier for companies to invest and also for companies to export into a middle-class market that’s well north of $400 million.”