RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — A new underground trash system in downtown Raleigh is now being dumped. The city is now putting an end to the system, at least for now.

For Holton Dolberry, taking out the trash from the restaurant across the street is just part of his job.

“Having to cross the street with all the traffic and stuff, it’s kinda scary,” he said.

But he said he doesn’t mind it because of the garbage cans.

“It cuts down the smell and the look of the sidewalk and all that stuff,” he said. “It was a mess, so with these whatever they call them, it’s perfect.”

The city calls it an underground trash system. It allows people to dump the trash in a bin and the trash then drops down six feet underground. City leaders said the point was to get rid of those rolling trash cans and the smell, but they said it’s not quite working.

“I think we had an oversight of reaching out to some key stakeholders and we’ve received some concerns from them,” said Solid Waste Director Stan Joseph.

Joseph said they got complaints about where the trash cans are — in front of businesses on Hargett and Wilmington streets, and what they might attract.

“Potentially vermin that could be attracted to it, even smell although we did explore ways to monitor and measure ways to monitor those type of impacts,” he said.

It’s the reason he said they’re looking for different places to put the underground trash. In the meantime, they will get rid of the ones on the corner. By the end of the month, the trash cans will be gone and the traditional rolling trash cans will be back.