‘Nobody seems to really care’ – Wake County mom fed up with drivers passing stopped buses

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CARY, N.C. (WNCN) – One Wake County mom will stop at nothing to make sure her son is safe on the school bus.

Natalie Maceda’s son is a second grader at Yates Mill Elementary and she says for the past two years, she’s seen countless drivers speed through school zones.

Maceda says many drivers don’t stop for buses, too.

She’s reached out to law enforcement and the school district, so now she’s taking matters into her own hands.

“I’ve taken pictures,” said Maceda. “I’ve taken videos. I’ve called the school. I’ve talked to the sheriff. Nobody seems to really care.”

So, she started taking photos every time she caught a driver in the act.

“I just got extremely frustrated yesterday. A young male was probably going around 50,” Maceda told CBS 17. “The bus was stopped, yellow arm was out and my son was actually standing next to the driver and he just completely flew by.”

She posted those photos on Nextdoor.

“I figured it might do something if a neighbor sees their neighbor’s license plate, maybe a little public humiliation would do good for our kids,” Maceda said.

Her son’s bus stop is at the end of her driveway on Yates Mill Pond Road.

She says there are several other bus stops along the road, too.

The speed limit is 45 mph and 35 mph during school hours.

She took her concerns to the school’s principal.

“He said they’ve talked to the sheriff’s department, they’ve talked to NCDOT and the road isn’t busy enough or enough accidents to have a yellow blinking sign to slow people down,” Maceda said about her conversation with the school’s principal.

She reached out to the sheriff’s office last year and says they put some deputies out on the road for a few days, but they told her there are so many issues with school zones they can’t patrol the whole county.

She reached out again this year, but says no one has called her back.

CBS 17 reached out to the sheriff’s office and they told us the county’s impact team did go out to the area to monitor speeding and handed out citations.

They say they have not met with the district, but if the district sends them any concerns about a bus stop they’ll investigate.

CBS 17 also reached out to Wake County Schools.

The district said it would ultimately be up to law enforcement.

Maceda is now trying a new strategy.

“One of my mom’s friends suggested instead of taking down license plates, to take eggs with me to the bus stop and when a person doesn’t stop to throw an egg at the car,” Maceda said. “I’ve only had to do it twice. The person didn’t even stop, but I’d rather throw an egg at somebody then to have my son ran over by a car and if the sheriff’s department won’t call me back I need to do something.”

Maceda says there have also been numerous crashes involving school buses along Yates Mill Pond Road.

She says just last week her son’s school bus was hit.

No one was hurt, but she worries next time it could be worse. She would like to see a slower speed limit and some signs warning drivers to slow down.

On Feb. 1, CBS 17 covered a traffic collision involving a school bus in front of Swift Creek Elementary at the intersection of Tryon and Yates Mill Pond roads. 

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