RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — A 911 caller screams “officer down!” when he realizes one of the seven victims of an east Raleigh mass shooting was a police officer Thursday.

Another caller exclaims “Oh my God!” when he sees the second of two women who were killed along a walking trail as part of shooting that left five people dead.

Gunfire broke out around 5 p.m. Thursday in the Hedingham neighborhood and then spread to the nearby Neuse River Greenway.

Raleigh police released 20 911 calls Friday night — 16 of which were new to CBS 17. Four 911 calls were initially released around 4:30 p.m. Friday.

The 15-year-old suspect was captured hours after the victims were gunned down Thursday evening — five people died and two were injured. He killed his brother and is currently in critical condition from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, law enforcement officials said.

Gabriel Torres, 29, an off-duty Raleigh police officer, was among those killed. He was heading to work when it all began.

A security guard working in the area called 911 to report a person was shot, but then discovered the victim was a police officer.

“I have a male shot …. he’s an off-duty cop!?!?!?” the caller said — seemingly asking others while telling dispatchers.

“He is off duty and he is Raleigh PD … shot in the chest,” the security officer added, giving the badge number to dispatchers. “Officer down! Officer down!”

Another Raleigh policeman was also injured in the mass shooting, but has since been released from the hospital.

In another call, a man tells dispatchers that a woman was “unconscious” along the greenway.

He later saw that she was injured — and that there was blood.

“On my God!” the man said as he is heard starting to weep. “She is bleeding.”

As the caller is giving the location on the greenway trail, he is told new information from others at the scene.

“Another person!?!? Holy s—-! There might be another person!” the caller said and ran to another spot along the trail.

Sky Eye 17 image of the Hedingham neighborhood. Photo by David Hattman/CBS 17

The caller then arrives at the location of another woman who was shot.

“Oh my God! There is another person!” the caller said “Oh my — you got to get out of the area. They said there might be an active shooter in the area!”

Several other calls were people concerned about others or who wanted to make sure they should stay inside with their doors locked.

The other victims were Nicole Connors, 52; Mary Marshall, 34; Susan Karnatz, 49; and James Roger Thompson, 16.

Connors’ husband told The Associated Press she was on the porch talking to a neighbor when she was killed.

Marcille Lynn Gardner, 59, was talking to Connors when she was shot. Gardner remained hospitalized in critical condition Friday.

One caller reported seeing the possible suspect near the golf course in the area.

“I saw a description of a guy in camo shorts and a black tank top walking down the golf path,” the caller said near the “end of the 18th hole walking towards the driving range.”

One caller reported seeing a person in camouflage walk down a street — but only caught a glimpse of the person and couldn’t provide any other information.

The Associated Press contributed to this report