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Officials complete ride inspections as NC State Fair enters 1st weekend

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) - Liam Norris has been to six North Carolina State Fairs. 

He said one thing he always looks forward to are rides, like the Air Raid. 

"It's crazy, the adrenaline is awesome," Norris said at the fair Saturday afternoon. "You're going really up and down, and I've been in line for like an hour for this one."

Marc Janas with Powers Great American Midways said the Air Raid was one of about half a dozen rides lowered before Tropical Storm Michael came through. 

"Some of the rides that can be dismantled to a point for wind resistance," Janas said. "There are objects that could fly off, like decorative flags. Fencing that might tip over. It gave us a chance to prepare for all of that." 

Officials with the North Carolina Department of Labor (NCDOL) also told CBS 17 they had to do at least 13 original inspections after Michael delayed the fair's opening day.

Inspections had already started earlier this week. 

Janas says preparation is key. 

"This time of the year, it's hurricane season, so it's common," Janas said. "When we get an advance notice, it helps a lot like anything else. But the biggest thing that is we prepare. We work outside every day, so whatever the weather is, we adapt to it." 

The inspections are to give those like Norris peace of mind. 

"I'm still feeling pretty safe, because it hasn't failed me yet," Norris said of the Air Raid. "If it is 100 percent safe, you might as well put it up, right?" 

NCDOL also said they haven't had to do any re-inspections of rides, and they've had no reports of damage. 

Janas added none of their rides lowered for the storm were completely disassembled. He said their operators inspect their rides daily according to specifications from the manufacturer. 

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