RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — In just a few weeks, some North Carolina voters will begin to follow new voter identification requirements.

State law now requires voters to have a valid photo ID if they plan to cast their ballot during upcoming elections.

With municipal elections this October and November in Wake County and preliminary and presidential elections approaching quickly, Wake County Board of Elections Director Olivia McCall said they’re making sure voters are prepared.

McCall worked alongside other Wake County Board of Elections staff on Saturday while welcoming registered voters to get a free voter identification card. The team has already printed several IDs for voters from their office since beginning the new process in early August.

“We had a great turnout despite these storms this morning. It’s great to see people want to be ready to vote,” McCall said.

Danner McCulloh, Wake County Board of Elections public record coordinator, said the Saturday event was an opportunity for voters who aren’t able to stop by during business hours during the week.

“With the October 10th municipal election in Cary and also the other municipalities that are having their election in November, this may be the first time that you’ll have to show ID… we just want to make sure everybody is ready,” McCulloh said.

A voter identification card is not required for those who already have a valid photo ID.

Acceptable forms of identification include a North Carolina driver’s license, a US passport, a state ID from NCDMV (“non-operator ID”), a college student ID approved by the State Board of Elections, a state/ government employee ID approved by the State Board of Elections, and a driver’s license/ non-driver ID from another state if the voter registered in North Carolina within 90 days of the election. Any of the forms are accepted — including those expired for one year or less.

The North Carolina State Board of Elections also said military or veteran ID cards by the US government, tribal enrollment cards issued by a state or federally recognized tribe, or an ID card issued by a US government agency or state of North Carolina for a public assistance program are also acceptable forms of identification. Voters 65 years and older may use an expired photo ID if it was not expired on their 65th birthday.



There are some exceptions where voters who meet certain criteria will need to complete an ID exception form.

Exceptions include a “reasonable impediment” preventing them from showing ID, a religious objection to being photographed, or a victim of a natural disaster within 100 days before election day.

Wake County voters can also check to make sure they have valid identification by going to ReadyToVote.com.