RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — When you look at areas hardest hit by COVID, the 27610 zip code is at the top of the list. Advance Community Health works in that community and several others, trying to connect people with medical care. They’re just one group, gearing up to administer the COVID vaccine when it becomes more widely available.

In this pandemic, they’ve already been doing mass testing events.

“We hold those almost daily. We go to different communities throughout Wake County and in Louisburg,” Kelly Wright, the Director of Marketing and Communications said.

They’ve also got five different locations. Their main one is located on Rock Quarry Road in the 27610 zip code. This community has had 6333 COVID cases, the most in the state and 54 deaths.

“Right now we’re only doing vaccinations for our patients when we have that cherished left overdose in the vial we call on our staff,” Wright explained.

They’ve vaccinated just over 350 people and they’re hoping to do more. They want to hold events in neighborhoods, bringing the vaccine to them. So, what’s the holdup?

“We want to be very strategic about it. We need to see where there are fewer access points… Particularly target those providers who we know serve our traditionally underserved community, our historically marginalized communities,” Dr. Mandy Cohen, NCDHHS Secretary said.

“We’re already working on getting more nurses and providers to actually give the vaccine and staffing up on medical assistants as well,” Wright said.

Cohen couldn’t say when additional providers might be called upon. Wright said they’re ready, willing and able when it happens.