RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — A group that supports law enforcement and family members is closing one of their North Carolina chapters temporarily. Before taking a break, the president of the group, Nathan Sheppard, is looking back.

“I’m grateful for all of our supporters and all of the flags we’ve been able to present and things we’ve been able to accomplish,” Sheppard said. “Just to see when we have an event or something that involves all of the staff, everyone stepping in, stepping in and stepping up.”

As the president of Operation Fly Our Flag, he’s seen thousands of people raise money and support in an effort to stand by law enforcement officers, first responders, and their families for nearly a decade now. In Wake County alone, the group raised thousands of dollars for the Wake County Sheriff’s Office K-9 Department following the death of Deputy Ned Byrd.

The group has five chapters across the country, two of them currently in North Carolina. But soon that’ll only be one, after they temporarily close the doors to their central North Carolina chapter.

“It’s really hard to run a nonprofit, there’s just a lot of time commitments and that we can’t hold up to right now,” Sheppard said. “To continue to get sponsors, that sort of thing, it takes a lot of time.”

But Sheppard said it may not be goodbye forever.

He said the group will take a break for at least all of 2024, but they’re welcoming continued donations, interactions, and support. While it’s goodbye for now, Sheppard said the chapter is hoping to come back in 2025 to support more families in need.