RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — A 27-year-old was killed in broad daylight outside of a convenience store in Raleigh Thursday. 

Mark Garrity Jr.’s parents spent Easter weekend planning their son’s funeral.

They’re now begging police to find out who killed their son and why. 

Raleigh police told CBS 17 they’re still investigating and that no arrests have been made. 

An employee at Taz’s Supermarket One on South Wilmington Street told CBS 17 the owner, Taiseer Zarka has been speaking with police.

The employee explained that investigators took all of the surveillance video from the store.

He told CBS17 it was horrible and shouldn’t have happened. 

(Courtesy of Amy Garrity)

“I fell to the ground, and I just begged it wasn’t true. I begged it wasn’t true,” said Amy Garrity. 

She and her husband, Mark Garrity Sr., got the call their son died nearly 12 hours after police said he was stabbed outside of the store in Raleigh.

“I think that’s a parent’s worst nightmare to ever get that call,” said Garrity.

Four days later, police are still investigating.

CBS 17 crews went inside the shop Monday. 

An employee said Zarka had been questioned by police.  He explained that Zarka accused Garrity of stealing. Garrity denied it.

The employee said that’s when the argument got out of control.

“We are trusting that Raleigh police will do a thorough investigation and we will get some answers. I don’t know that we’ll ever get closure,” Garrity said through tears.

She said her son was not perfect, but he was loved and cherished.

“He did not deserve to suffer like this,” Amy Garrity said. “He was a joy to be around. He made everybody smile.” 

“We’re going to miss him,” her husband added.

The Garritys are now trying to grasp life without one of their sons. 

They said they’ve heard from so many people in the community, including the man who gave their son CPR and tried to keep him alive.

“The man held my son’s hand. And my son wasn’t left alone to die on the sidewalk,” said Garrity. 

Police at the scene of a stabbing on South Wilmington Street. (Lillian Donahue/CBS 17)